Cancellation & Refund Policy

Cancellations and Refund Policy:

 All customers are provided with the subscription trial periods and information relating to how a trial subscription works at the point of sale, either through verbal communication or via email following the sale. 

By accepting the email confirmation for the trial or trials you have just purchased, this means you understand and accept the terms of the agreement going forward. 

 A refund will always be given to a customer if there was an error processing the subscription or critical information about the subscription process was not provided to the customer at the point of sale, verbally or after the sale via email or written communication. All refund requests must be made in writing and addressed to:

Shoe Lane Press
10 Orange Street

All trial subscription products are posted to the customer one working day after the initial sale date. Upon receipt of your trial product, you will need to cancel your subscription before the stipulated trial period ends (Trial periods are clearly shown on your email/ writer purchase confirmation). Please ensure you provide correct email and delivery address. Failure to cancel your trial subscription before the end of the trial period will result in the full term of the subscription being debited and payment taken. If you do not cancel your subscription in the required period you will receive the full term of your subscription and all products will be delivered to you for the remainder of the subscription period. 

Trial issues are yours to keep with no need to return any copies in order for cancellations or refunds to be processed.

It is important that cancellations are requested via telephone on 0203 053 3541 

Change of address and name changes can be made via email at It is important you follow these steps and methods of contact, as we would like to process cancellations as quickly as possible. Cancellations via phone mean we can instantly recall your account and process your request quicker. Emailed cancellations are not accepted due to the constant back and forth nature and time spent over email acquiring all the information needed. This also applies to change of detail requests (Change of addresses or Name changes), please only email if you are changing details as cancellations will not be processed or responded to via email.

Please Note: Calling in to arrange a change or amend your details will only block up the lines intended for cancellations requests only.